How much will a translation cost me?
It is not easy to find a ’rule of thumb’ for calculating the final true cost of a translation because several important factors must be taken into account, one of these being the combination of languages. To enable us to give you an accurate price based on your deadlines and other requirements, please send us a copy of the text you want translated and we will provide a free, competitive quotation.

What is a ’Certified Translation’?
Some customers require ’Certified’ translations of legal or official documents such as court judgments, powers of attorney, birth certificates and medical reports. These types of document will be prepared by a qualified* translator who will attest to their accuracy by signing and applying the company stamp to them.

Please note that a certified translation is only valid in Sweden if Swedish is either the source or target language.

Contact us for more help and information about Certified Translations.

*A qualified translator is one who, having passed the necessary examination, is approved by The Swedish Legal, Financial & Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

How soon will it be ready?
This depends entirely on the scope and amount of text involved. It is sometimes possible to translate small items on the same day or within twenty-four hours, but obviously large amounts of complex or specialised text will take longer.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your deadlines and provide a free quotation once we have reviewed the documents.

Who does the translating?
Our team of highly experienced translators, proofreaders and freelance specialists who always work in their native language and have appropriate specialist or technical knowledge.

Can I have extra copies of a translation?
Yes. We save all our translations. If you require extra copies, we will happily provide these at no cost.

What about confidentiality?
This company and its co-workers treat every document or item of text you entrust to us in complete confidence. It is not in our interests to reveal the contents to a third party.

Can you provide a package of services?
We can put together a tailor-made package to suit your needs. Our experience in layout, publishing, typesetting, web design and more means we can provide the perfect solution to your problem. Please contact us for more information on all our services.

What do I need to know when commissioning a translation?
We translate source text provided by you. If there are errors or ambiguities in the original documents it can sometimes be very difficult to understand or interpret the text. For this reason it is vital that your source text is error-free.

Always remember that a translation will probably not reflect any subsequent editing, revision or alteration made by you to the original text. This will mean that your translation(s) need to be re-worked or updated.

What about computer translations?
There are plenty of translation programs in everyday use and these can often give a good indication of the contents of a document but however clever a computer may be, it cannot ‘think’. It cannot understand context and will provide a literal translation that is extremely unlikely to be of any real professional or business use. Only you can decide what your needs are, but a poor quality translation does not provide a good marketing tool or improve company image.

The perfect translation combines knowledge, skill and the human touch.